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Reunion Comments

ALJ Class of 1977

Reunion comments by Nick Caterino


Carol, my locker buddy for 4 years in ALJ, let me first say what an outstanding job you did with the reunion. You, Kathy and Cathy and all who helped out should be very proud. I’m all set for the next one. Where do I send my deposit? Can we have a 30 year reunion? It was fantastic to see everyone. I’m only sorry I did not get a chance to talk to everyone. It was fun watching some of the old couples reconnect. Could it be that perhaps some of the singles hooked up? Carol you may have started something for some people that night. Good thing you didn’t have the reunion at a hotel or god knows what might have happened.


Some observations:

Carol Catalano - Carol, you should really come out of your shell a little more. You were way to quiet that night. Great to see you again. Next time I stop by your house and there is going to be pizza let me know, I’ll stay around. Do I look like I have passed up any free meals?


Mary Fulop - Mary could you please at least look like you aged 30 years since I’ve seen you. You looked great that night as did all the other ladies.

Tom Martucci - Tooch could you please sprout some gray hair or at least have some fall out by next reunion. You make the rest of us look bad.


George Nucera - George did you ever get to eat dinner? Isn’t it about time to buy and renovate another house in Clark.George, you and I and your brother Frank go way back. It was great seeing both of you again.


Billy Hoepfel - Bill did you have to come back as a jet pilot? Couldn’t you be something less exciting? It was like high school all over again, playing second or even third fiddle to a cool guy. Seriously Bill great seeing you and sharing some memories of our late friend and class mate Alex Dowzycki. Remember, pull the stick back the houses gets smaller, push the stick forward and the houses get bigger.


Andy Wagner - Andy I’m so jealous you will be retired in 4 short years. I guess that when I see you at the next reunion you will be all tan and talking about your golf game. Enjoy it. I have nothing but respect for those of you in law enforcement who put their lives on the line everyday to protect the rest of us, Thank you.


Carl Paladino - Pablo, you looked great and I’m sure you will enjoy your new home and being the uncle that spoils all the kids in the family.


Karen Kelly - Kel you really have to learn how to relax, seriously scuba diving? Ocean kayaking? Great to see you’re enjoying life.


Melissa Garshelis – Missy you were missed. Wish you could have made it.


And finally


Barbara Gabel - Barb, what can I say except thank you for accompanying me to the reunion. It was worth waiting 30 years for. My wife and your husband were great sports about letting us attend together. But I will say that your husband made me nervous when I stopped by your house to pick you up. The entire time I was there he did nothing but sit there and clean his guns with that strange little smirk on his face every time he looked at me. Kind of like the fox just before he eats the rabbit. Just kidding of course, he was a very nice guy. You have a beautiful home and a terrific family. You should be very proud. Thanks to Patty Lynch and Daria Rozdilsky for being our chaperones for the night and keeping us out of trouble. My wife on the other hand has had me doing laundry non stop since the reunion. Guess maybe next time we should bring them both. Seriously to my wife Trish, thank you for your trust and understanding and for loving me unconditionally. Thanks again for a great evening Barb.


To the class of 1977, best of luck to you all and may you all be blessed with good health and happiness forever.


                    Until we meet again, your class mate


                                                   Nick Caterino

First of all, Nick Caterino -- you crack me up !!!  That was great commenting!!  Maybe you should give up your day job and become a journalist for "E" or some other Hollywood gossip channel . . . . . . . I hear Joan Rivers would like to retire soon !!!! 


I have to say that I haven't been to a reunion since our first one, which I believe was the Fifth Year Reunion???


I thoroughly enoyed the evening.  It was great being able to catch up with what my other classmates are up to.  I was amazed how at ease I was in speaking to people that I probably never talked to in the all the years I lived in Clark (not as many as most of you graduates) or while attending ALJ for four years.  Even my neighbors on John Street !!!!  Tom Elliott -- you really did miss a good time !!!!


It was great seeing Kurt Epps again, even though I ran into him last year with my kids and they couldn't believe my high school teachers were still living!!!!!  Too bad Jerry Allocco didn't show.  Oh well.  Maybe we could get more teachers to show up next time. 


Janice, if you're still up to it, let's do some "match-making".  I'll e-mail you when I figure out how to use my damn scanner from home !!!! 


And yes, Missy Garshelis -- you were missed along with so many other grads that I would love to see -- please come to the next one --- you won't be disappointed !!!!


Anyone know where Chris DeSimone is???  I would love to see him as well.  I could go on and on with who I missed seeing this time, but maybe next time, we'll need a bigger hall !!!!!


At this point in our lives, we have all come so far and have done so much, some of us more than others.  Good for you !!!  I think we all should be very proud of what we've become and where we are.  Maybe ALJ had a little something to do with it ???????  And then, maybe not !!! 


Again, Carol Pelosi -- thank you so much for all you did -- and may you stay healthy for many more reunions to come !!!!  We love 'ya kiddo !!!! 


Cathy Stamato (Metzinger)